David A. Close

Assistant Professor,

Distinguished Science Professor of Aboriginal Fisheries

Phone: 604-822-2168
Lab: 604-822-3317
Fax: 604-822-8934
Email: close@zoology.ubc.ca


PhD Fisheries and Wildlife (Michigan State University)

MSc Fisheries Science (Oregon State University)

BSc Fishery Resources (University of Idaho)

Courses Taught: Biology 456 Comparative and Molecular Endocrinology; Fish 520 Fisheries Conservation, Governance, and Evaluation.

Dr. David Close is Director of the Aboriginal Fisheries Research Unit at the UBC Fisheries Centre.  Dr. Close is also faculty in the Department of Zoology.  He is a citizen of the Cayuse Nation located on the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation. Dr. Close’s research is focused on answering biological questions directed towards sustainable aboriginal fisheries.  His current research focuses primarily on the ancient vertebrate, the lamprey which is a culturally important food to the aboriginal peoples along the west coast.  He conducts interdisciplinary research in the areas of aquatic ecology, fish physiology, chemical ecology, and integrating traditional knowledge and fisheries science.

Selected Publications

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Ou, M., Hamilton, T.J., Eom, J., Lyall, E.M., Gallup, J., Jiang, A., Lee, J., Close, D.A., Yun, S.S., Brauner, C.J. 2015. 

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